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American Eskimo Dog or American Eskimo Dog


ORIGIN: The dog breed of American Eskimo Dog American Eskimo Dog is of Nordic origin. It comes from the German Spitz just like the Pomeranian and Keeshond. The two largest sizes were already established at the beginning of the 20th century. The Toy is the most recent version.

The name of the American Eskimo Dog lends itself to some confusion. This is not one of the sled dogs. It is a Spitz, furry and nice. It really is the American version of the German Spitz. At present three varieties of this dog are raised, according to size. The smallest is the Toy, followed by the Miniature and the larger size corresponds to the Regular. This dog was very popular in circuses.

As a pet, the American Eskimo Dog is formidable. The smaller sizes have to do well in the apartment, although they may bark more than the neighbors appreciate. The regular size being preferable to live in a house with fenced yard as it has a lot of energy. All three sizes should be taken to exercise daily. They should be brushed frequently.


The measures vary between canine federations in the world. We present relative figures that give an idea of ​​the size and appearance of the breed. If you want to show your dog, see the federation measures where you want to compete.
HEAD: Proportionate to the body.
Muzzle : Pointed.
EARS: Small. It keeps them standing.
HAIR: The hair is medium length. Around the neck is a little longer, giving the impression of a mane. The inner mantle is dense and smooth.
HAIR COLOR: White is the preferred color. Very light brown is allowed.
TAIL: Very hairy pen. He keeps it on his back.
HEIGHT: To the cross or shoulders: The height is 23 to 48 cm (approximately 9-19 inches). Within these dimensions divide the race into three groups: the Toy from 23 to 30.5 cm (approximately 9 to 12 inches); Miniatures from 28 to 38 cm (approximately 11 to 15 inches); And those of regular size of 35.5 to 48 cm (approximately 14 to 19 inches).
WEIGHT: Males weigh from 34 to 47 kg (approximately 75 to 105 pounds). The weight of the females is 27 to 40 kg (about 60 to 90 pounds).
LONGEVITY: Usually of 11 to 12 years.