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Breeds of dogs: American Staffordshire Terrier – Amstaff


The dog breed Amstaff American Staffordshire Terrier or must give an impression of great strength; Is a dog well built and muscular but agile and afro. He is very alert and proverbial.

HEAD High and medium length; Skull wide; Very pronounced zygomatic muscles; Stop marked; Implanted ears high.

EARS They may be cut or not. In the latter case (preferable solution) should be short, semi-pink or erect. Clearly drooping ears will be penalized.

HOCHIC Medium length, rounded at the top and falling sharply under the eyes. Jaws well drawn. Strong and powerful lower jaw in the prey. Lips tight, no loose part. Upper incisors in contact with the anterior aspect of the lower incisors. Black truffle.

NECK Heavy, slightly arched, decreasing from the shoulders to the nape. Skin not loose. Medium length.

SHOULDERS Strong and muscular. Wide and oblique shoulder blades.

BACK Very short. Light slope from the cross to the rump, which also offers a short and smooth slope until the tail is born. Loin slightly reassembled. BODY Ribs arched, elongated back, tightly against each other. Front members sufficiently separated in the implant to allow the development of the chest, which is high and wide.

COLA Short, implanted low, narrowing towards the extremity that is thin. It is not coiled or worn over the back. It is not amputated.

MEMBERS Straight front members; Strong, round bone, aplomb metacarpal reed; The front must not show any curvature. Hindquarters very muscular; Low hocks and not rotated either in or out. Feet of medium size, well curved and compact. Elastic pitch; The dog should not curl in his gaits or amblar.

COAT Short hair, tight, stiff to the touch, glossy.

COLOR All colors are supported: unicolor, pluricolor or mixed. In any case, just the uniformly white layers, those with more than 80% white, those that are black and fire or liver colored are hardly sought.

SIZE The weight is in relation to the size whose optimal dimensions vary very specifically between 45.72 and 48.26 cm in the male and between 43.18 and 45.72 cm in the female.