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Bulldogs – Rescues


Bulldogs are wonderful dogs that make affectionate pets and thrive on love and attention. However, sometimes they find themselves abandoned due to a variety of causes. This may be related to diseases, behavioral disorders, inability of the owner to any longer keep the dog, etc. Very often, disorders found in the dogs are due to irresponsible breeding or inability of the owner to train the dog properly.

Rescue organizations care for the abandoned and lost Bulldogs and try to find new loving homes for them. If you are a breed fancier and think you are ready to care for the dog, think about adoption.

Make sure all your family members agree to take the responsibility of owning a Bulldog and are aware of the care requirements for the breed. Overall, Bulldogs are intelligent dogs that need consistent training and are usually willing to obey. These dogs require obedience training from an early age. Dogs found at rescues are usually socialized and trained.

Contact a rescue and fill out an adoption application. Rescue officers are likely to visit your home to determine the conditions in which the dog is going to live. They will also ask you questions concerning your breed knowledge, experience with these dogs, and what future you are planning for the dog. Therefore, educate yourself about Bulldogs prior to visiting a rescue.