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Bulldogs Rescues – Breeders


Prior to buying Bulldogs, one is recommended to research the breed and visit as many kennels as possible. This will ensure that the puppy you buy is going to lack the health disorders found in the breed stemming from health-tested parents. One is advised to ask a number of questions concerning the ancestry of the puppy and of what quality it is.

Pet quality Bulldog puppies are usually less costly and are not eligible for breeding and showing. They are usually sold with a spay/neuter contract, yet should come with the pedigrees and health certificates. Show quality puppies may be shown and bred. They are a little more expensive.

Contact breed clubs and rescues and ask for advice on how to evaluate a puppy. Also, ask how to read pedigrees, as this is an important phase of choosing a puppy. Generally, responsible breeders will also try to determine whether or not you are going to make a good owner. Be prepared to answer questions about Bulldogs, and the future you are planning for the puppy.

If you are a novice in the breed, you need to think about the care requirements of the breed and decide if this is the right breed for you. Make sure all the family members agree on the breed choice and are ready to take this responsibility. Although Bulldogs are great pets, they do need a lot of training and attention.