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Bulldogs Rescues


Bulldogs originated from the dogs that were used in bull fighting, a cruel sport and entertainment popular in the middle centuries. It was believed that the bull’s meat became tastier if the animal’s nose has been previously grasped. The dogs had to be very strong and courageous to perform in this sport. They were valued highly and breeders could make a lot of money by breeding and selling Bulldogs.

After the sport of bullfighting was banned in Great Britain, the dogs faced a decline in numbers. However, true Bulldog fanciers tried to preserve these dogs and started to breed out excessive viciousness. Bulldogs began to be used as pets and became the symbol of Great Britain.

Perfect qualities of English Bulldogs found admirers around the world. This breed became very popular not only in Great Britain, but also in other countries including the United States.

These dogs were used in breeding new breeds such as the French Bulldog and the American Bulldog. The French Bulldog appeared first as a smaller version of the English Bulldog. It was later brought to France where breeders crossed it with the French Terrier. Since the breed became very popular in France, it started to be referred as the French Bulldog. Nowadays, these three distinct breeds of Bulldogs are used as companions and make devoted friends for the whole family.