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Career In Dog Training – Dog Training Career

Career In Dog Training

Beginning a career in dog training can be enjoyable and very rewarding. If you’re a dog lover, then you can consider making dog training into a career. Professional dog training can be quite in demand particularly if you are very skilled in what you do.

Remember that there are virtually thousands of individuals in the US that own dogs and would be very interested in having their dogs professionally trained.

Things To Think About First

Simply liking dogs will not necessarily make you a good dog trainer. If you are serious about pursuing a career in dog training, know that you will require the proper skills and adequate knowledge when it comes to disciplining dogs, comprehending their nature, and dealing with behavioral problems in dogs.

Majority of the time, those who become professional dog trainers have experience with dogs and have a good understanding of the right way to handle pets.

If you want to pursue dog training as a career, you have 2 choices, and these are dog training or pet service training. Both are highly sought after professions. However, a dog training career can open more doors for you.

Dog training focuses primarily on training pet dogs. Its main goal is to help dogs become better companions for humans, whether it is in the home or outside the home. Basic training involves obedience training, agility training, potty training and aggressive behavior modification.

On the other hand, service training focuses more on training dogs to become assistant dogs such as those that assist disabled persons or assist in some therapy and those that are trained to assist in rescue efforts or hunting.

Next, are there things you want to know more about dogs in general? Find out what knowledge you lack when it comes to dogs. Consider learning about how dogs behave, think or respond to outside stimulus. Be prepared to learn about modifying behavior so that the dog responds appropriately in particular situations and on cue. You should also be prepared to learn about associative conditioning.

Your career in training dogs can start in many ways. You may volunteer at an animal shelter or local rescue center in your area.

This should help you get hands-on experience, especially when it comes to an understanding how dogs behave. Some of these places can offer you more responsibilities after you’ve worked there for a certain amount of time.

Another option is to enroll in a dog training school. While this may cost you more money, you benefit from a more formalized program and educational background as a professional dog trainer. Ask for advice and suggestions from your vet or at the local pet store.

There are many other ways to jumpstart your dog training career. You may call local breeders and dog trainers and ask if you can become their apprentice. Some guide dogs training centers have apprenticeship programs for you to try out.

Pursuing a career in dog training also calls for dedication and passion. You can always self-study on your free time by reading training books and online articles on dog training. You may even try training your neighbor’s dog for hands-on experience. You may also want to learn about other aspects of training, such as dog hygiene, nutrition, and grooming.