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Cute Cures For Kitty Boredom

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Cute Cures For Kitty Boredom

Cats are always getting into mischief. They antagonize the dog, tear holes in the curtains and screens, knock over priceless heirlooms, ignore most products that are designed for dogs and cats, and pay the utmost to all the products that aren’t. But they are beloved anyway. In fact, we shop for our pet dogs and cats in the same determined way we shop for ourselves.

We look for quality products that are good for dogs and cats but not always so good for our bankbooks. We don’t mind, either. After all, pets can’t buy the products themselves, and even if they could, they would probably choose all the things that aren’t intended for dogs and cats!

Out of all the products designed for dogs and cats, most of our feline friends seem to have a much better appreciation for those that fall into the food category. Naturally, they’re more interested in products for the tummy than things that are intended for the entertainment or comfort of dogs and cats. Their canine counterparts are no different. Let’s face it. Pets, like all other animals, love food!

On the other hand, some kitties entertain themselves with products that are intended for dogs and cats. We just have to get creative when we choose the products. Remember, they want something that isn’t for dogs and cats.

So, we humans have to go out and look for things that most cats and dogs will mistake for something human.

Our Savvy Tabby Jungle Jabbers is an excellent choice. These products won’t do much for dogs and old-timer cats, but growing kittens and their feisty, energetic parents will love them.

Why are these toys so different than all of the other products made for dogs and cats? Well, because, from the viewpoint of a curious cat determined to explore all products that aren’t for dogs and cats to explore, they look more like something a human might use for a decoration in their living room, such as a household.

Household plants certainly aren’t products that are made for the exploration of dogs and cats. Some are even poisonous, yet cats refuse to stay away from them. To a cat, the Jungle Jabbers might as well be the forbidden houseplant!

Another fun and an amazingly creative choice are the Crazy Pet Cat Catch-A-Bubble. Products like this one are made for interaction between children and pets.

Dogs and other pets might not be interested in them, but cats surely will. They’re a catnip scented, fun way for kids to play with their pets. Except for balls and the usual makeshift toys, there aren’t a whole lot of products for dogs and cats that encourage children to play with and develop healthy relationships with their pets.

We think that makes Catch-A-Bubble one of the best toy products around, for dogs and cats, and their beloved human children.

What matters, of course, is what you think. Feel free to browse our products for as long as you like. Whatever you choose, we appreciate that you stopped by and we hope you’ll find something that will benefit your dogs and cats.