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Dog Obedience Class & Dog Obedience Training Benefits

Dog Obedience Class

From first-time dog owners to seasoned breeders, a dog obedience class is a beneficial investment for both owner and pet. Your dog will only be as disciplined as you are, and dog obedience training requires as much work from you as your pet.

A dog obedience class will give you the tools you need to raise and maintain a well behaved canine companion both you and your neighbors will enjoy.

While plenty of dog owners will choose to train their new puppy themselves, either for the sake of time or money, there are several benefits to be obtained from enrolling you and your dog into a dog obedience class.

When training your new puppy, consistency is key. From teaching your dog the basics of sit and stay, to treating more serious obedience problems such as biting, dogs respond most readily to short, concise commands that are given with authority – and regularity.

A dog obedience class teaches owners effective basic commands such as speak, quiet, heel, sit, and stay. Everything else you might wish to teach your dog later will build off of these five basic commands.

Instilling good behavior requires constant reinforcement, and while a dog training course introduces some routine and consistency, if you do not continue to practice obedience training at home regularly, your dog will not listen and will continue the undesirable behavior.

Therefore, you as the owner must assert alpha leadership and dominance over your dog at all times, even as the two of you become close pals. And if there are other members of your household, it is important that they remain consistent with your training and use the same commands when necessary.

Especially if you have a large-breed puppy that will one day be stronger than you, a dog obedience class is a good way to get a hold of your dog’s behavior from the start. Even something as habitual and potentially enjoyable as taking your dog for a walk can become frustrating if you do not know how to control your dog.

Obedience training will enable you to keep your dog calmly by your side even when you pass another dog or come to a street corner.

A dog obedience class is also an effective approach to correcting serious behavior problems such as biting or incessant barking. It is crucial that biting and other aggressive behaviors are treated at a young age before it becomes a habit for obvious safety reasons.

But even barking can be a serious problem if, for instance, you live in development or community where such behavior gives rise to complaints or potential fines. In addressing behavior problems such as these, different dog obedience classes are a good way to gain control of the situation quickly and effectively.

While a dog obedience class is recommended for dogs under one year of age, it can also be a valuable resource for owners of older dogs that prove stubborn.

Obedience training is as important for you as it is for your dog, and dog training goes both ways. Even the successful completion of an obedience training class will not ensure a well-behaved canine if you do not continue to assert leadership in the home and consistently reinforce good behavior.

Owning a pet is a commitment and responsibility. A loyal and devoted companion can only result from a loyal and devoted owner.