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Dog Obedience Tips For Effective Dog Obedience Training

dog obedience tips

Why dog obedience tips? Because to develop a good dog training program it is important to have some knowledge of how to begin. You must realize that a dog is simply a dog. Dogs are animals with animal instincts, so no matter how much your dog wants to be part of your family, you have to learn what directives and education your dog needs and how to give it to him. By regularly reading our numerous dog obedience tips articles, you will acquire the knowledge needed to achieve this.

Yelling and scolding your dog for untrained negative behavior is not a positive training method. In fact, as the human, you have to determine what is causing the instinctive reaction and focus on how to change the behavior positively.

Basic Dog Obedience Tips

Thanks to basic dog obedience tips, teaching your dog basic behavior through dog training will make future training and behavior modification much easier.


Crate training is a way to make sure that your dog has a space that is all his. Crate training is not a punishment and should be safe and comfortable for your dog.

By letting your dog spend time in the crate when you are home, he will become accustomed to it. Crating is advised by many pet professionals to reduce barking and anxiety, as well as helping with housebreaking and behavior training.


Leash training is a bit of a challenge because most dogs naturally assume that a leash means that they get to go outside. Their natural exuberance may lead to pulling and tugging.

Training your dog to walk calmly on a leash is often accomplished by commanding your dog to sit when they begin to pull.

Making the dog sit and wait by your side allows him to calm down and realize (over time) that when the leash begins pulling on him that his walk will be topped.

Pack Position

Dogs are bred to follow a leader; this comes from centuries of packs developing a pack leader and the other dogs falling in line.

Your position as your dogs human is that of Alpha dog. You are the one in charge, and by teaching your dog that he is to follow you-you are enabling him to relax and do what he is told.

The dog will trust you to protect him and take care of his needs just as an alpha dog in a pack.


There are classes for dogs and dog owners which teach both dogs and humans their position within the pack that their family has become.

In addition to home dog training, an obedience class is helpful to teach the dog to follow commands and the human how to give those commands and training in a way the dog can understand.


Maintaining consistency is one of the most important facets of dog training. Because your dog seems so intelligent, you may forget that he needs a repeated, consistent pattern.

For example, if you begin a walk by making your dog sit to have the least put on, but only do so every once in a while he will be confused and excited which can cause him to forget the rule.

If you and everyone in the home set a rule and are consistent, then your dog will follow those rules without you having to start over from the beginning after a lapse.

Training a dog is probably harder on the human than it is on the dog because you have to not only repeatedly and consistently maintain rules, you also have to teach the dog what the rules are.

A well-trained dog is well worth the trouble that you expend to train them, so keep reading our dog obedience tips, and you will be on the right path.