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Dog Obedience Training Tips And Advice

dog obedience training

Dog obedience training involves very basic training, such as training the dog to dependably act in response to basic commands like sit, stay, come and down. But obedience training may also involve high-level competition within clubs, where extra commands, performance, and precision are assessed and judged.

This article will focus on basic Dog obedience training.

Dog obedience training is the basic training every dog must be taught so that it can behave appropriately in the presence of humans and other dogs. A dog that is trained well readily obeys their handlers every time it is asked to carry out a particular task.

Training a dog obedience commands can be simple if you have the patience, proper knowledge and positive attitude.

Although dogs are quite social animals, they are unable to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behavior unless you teach them. The ultimate solution to successful dog training is the reward and punishment factor.

If the dog reacts to your command well or has performed something to your liking, then simply reward it, whether it is a treat or a friendly pet. On the other hand, you should let your dog if it is doing something wrong—not through harsh punishment, but with a verbal command using a firm tone. You may accompany your verbal commands with hand gestures to harness the point you are trying to get through to your dog.

Some Additional Help

Effective training does not necessarily call for dog training equipment. However, training equipment can help ease the process of training. Select a dog collar that is comfortable and appropriate for your dog. Next, think about which leash is the most suitable for training.

Preparations For Training

Before training, select the best technique for both you and your dog. There are several types of training methods, but many experts believe that dogs work best with positive reinforcement, such as in the form of rewards. A good starting point would be to understand dog behavior in general and why your dog is acting the way it does. For instance, if your dog is displaying aggressive behavior, find out the root of the cause and tackle it from there.

Length Of Training

Training is often successful when achieved one step at a time. Ideally, Dog obedience training should endure for at least 15 minutes, twice a day.

This is particularly applicable to puppies due to their short attention span. Teach your dog one command at a time—frustration can come streaming in, and this can cause a dog to become confused or just too bored to continue training. Start with the simplest commands like sit. You may then move on to more difficult ones such as come and stay.

Once your dog has mastered all the basic obedience commands, you may move on to additional tricks.

Obedience dog training requires some time and patience. When training, expect to discover some typical dog behavior issues, such as displays of aggression or defiance. The ideal way to modify misbehavior is to intervene and divert your dog’s attention to something positive.