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Home Remedies for Dog Vomiting


Home Remedies

So long as your dog’s vomiting is not a serious condition, and there are no other symptoms, you may be able to treat it at home. There are a number of natural remedies to soothe inflammation, ease nausea and boost the immune system to prevent secondary infections.

A little exercise will help stimulate the digestive system and help control vomiting. As long as your dog is willing, take him for a short, easy walk to help treat his vomiting. Be sure to take away the regular dog kibble during the time your dog is vomiting. Fasting for around 24 hours, followed by a bland diet should help to ease vomiting. Always have fresh water available to avoid dehydration as well.

Natural Supplements

Natural supplements and herbal remedies can be purchased at your local grocery stores. These can help calm the digestive tract and reduce vomiting. Some natural supplements include:

Vitamin B
Probiotics (natural yogurt)
Digestive Enzymes
Slippery Elm
Ginger root
Dog Vomiting Prevention

Sometimes vomiting is a natural occurrence in your dog. Often times we cannot constantly observe our dogs to make sure they are not eating something that will later cause vomiting. However, there are a number of ways you can prevent your dog from possibly consuming something that could cause a problem for his stomach.

Diet. Make sure your dog’s diet is well balanced and avoid constant change in his food routine. If your dog seems to be vomiting after his meal, he could have a food allergy. Be sure to have your dog tested for allergies if you suspect this is the source of his vomiting.

Toys. Only purchase toys that are created specifically for dogs. Don’t let your dog play with sharp or broken objects, and check the house regularly for children’s toys that your dog could consume and could tear the inside of his stomach. This may sound like common sense, and it should be, yet this sort of thing leads to painful problems for dogs every day.

Treats. Only give your dog treats a few times a week. Avoid giving your dog any rich, spoiled or sugary human foods. It is especially important to avoid chocolate and dairy, as these foods can cause serious problems in the digestive tract. Fatty and sugary foods will not only cause vomiting and diarrhea, but can eventually lead to obesity, diabetes and pancreatitis.

Around the yard. Always check your yard for garbage spills and dead animals. Another thing to keep an eye out for is rat poisons. These can all make your dog very sick and as dogs are natural scavengers, they will eat just about anything even if it’s not meant to be consumed.