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How do I stop my dog biting people abroad?

Dog Biting

We have a border terrier 11 weeks of national plans for us every time you go to his home – he thought it to be playful, but the bites hurt.

Any advice on how to prevent them from doing it and try to check, please?

I can only tell you what works for us, with our dog (a Doberman), if they were the second bite pups.The / national implementation plans, a pinch on his lips and growled under his breath to say: “Nooo bytes. If it’s still litter bit harder, even to get to the point that we should imitate them yip.This “brand” as an adult dog will do in denial. hunt around to fix it won does not help, and correction must come immediately and consistently, and make sure that the horse “Nooo bytes.” I hope this helps. Good luck.

Take out your teeth one by one

Gently hold her mouth shut and say: “. I do not bite”

Dr. Harry Cooper knows how to solve all these problems

Put the dog’s snout.

Puppies bite and chew, and shit everywhere. Especially for small, as soon as it’s not something you do not want to stop work immediately and said he is not immediately. This will be the time to learn because it is young, but it is better to teach them good habits than to break bad habits.

Chilli expressed all people, pepper bites, stings, too, but I love puppy.Hard least painful.i will know through chat it.But my pain is worse than pepper cayenne.