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How Long is a Dog Pregnant


A pregnant dog can be very exciting for dog owners. However, it is very important to be properly prepared for when your dog’s pups are expected. Being prepared is important for your dog as well as her puppies. There are many steps to preparing for your dog’s pregnancy. There is not a lot of time to get ready for the newborn puppies.

This brings up a very common question: how long is a dog pregnant?

Knowing how long your dog is pregnant for and when she is due to give birth will help you to prepare a whelping box, look out for labour symptoms, and ensure a safe and healthy delivery for your dog and her puppies. The time to calculate begins when your dog’s heat period is halfway done, and she has started mating.

How Long does a dog stay in heat

Before a dog can become pregnant, she will have her heat stage. The heat stage will last for an average of 20 days. The heat stage could last a few days longer or a few days shorter, depending on the size and breed of the dog. Small dogs usually begin heat earlier (around 4-6 months) than large breed dogs (around 8-9 months, sometimes as late as 24 months). Halfway through the cycle is when your dog will allow a male to mate with her, and therefore this is the time she may become pregnant. Basically speaking, your dog will be in heat for 3 weeks and her heat cycle will repeat every 6 -8 months. A female dog will go through heat cycles throughout their life, and do not experience menopause. Eventually, their reproductive cycles will simply stop working with age. For more information about the heat cycle, visit our dog in heat page.

So how long is a dog pregnant for?

The average time for any dog to be pregnant will be between 60-65 days, or roughly 8-9 weeks. Once again, this depends on the size and breed. Smaller dogs have quicker pregnancies, which is not surprising since they are so small, and it can be hard on their bodies to hold even just two or three pups. The easiest way to tell when your dog is due to give birth is to keep track of when she was mated. This way, you can tell roughly how long your dog is going to be pregnant for.

The amount of puppies your dog carries may also vary the time of labour. More puppies means the length of pregnancy will be shorter, where as less puppies may mean the duration of pregnancy will be longer.

If in the event your dog does not go into labour during the last week, or she shows signs of struggle and discomfort but no labour around days 63-65, a C-section may be performed to help relieve her from the pups. If the pups are left too long, the birth may become very complicated and there may be health concerns for not only the mother, but the pups as well.

Be sure to look for symptoms of labour such as nesting,whimpering and loss of appetite.

Dog Pregnancy Calculator

Dog pregnancy calculators are a great way to calculate roughly how long your dog will be pregnant for. However, this can be tricky because you need to know when your dog mated with her male companion. If her pregnancy is an accident, you may not know the exact date to expect.

To avoid any accidental pregnancies, it is a great idea to have your dog spayed.

Using a dog pregnancy calculator is very simple. All you need to do is enter the date of the first day your dog was bred. There are many different calculators available to use online. Most calculators will estimate a pregnancy period of about 59-65 days.