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How to Potty Training Your Dog


You bet that having a puppy or a dog in your household would be quite a blast for the entire family. Dogs are such lovable and faithful pets that it’s hard not to adore them even if you try your best to ignore their presence. Imagine the joys of having those lovely animals licking your toes to wake you up in the morning, or a sturdy sport dog fetching the papers while you take a sip of your coffee. Truly, having a dog as part of the family is a pleasure to savor!

Well, not quite.

There some nuances that go along with owning a dog. Ruined furniture, shredded carpets, nibbled slippers, and the likes are just some of the things you have to contend with. But perhaps the most disgusting of these are the fecal wastes that would be littered all over your house, care of a dog that, really, doesn’t know how to use the toilet.

But the pleasures of having a dog are too magnanimously blissful to sacrifice for a little order in the household. There are, of course, some solutions that would make your dog more house-friendly. One of these is potty training.

Potty training your dog, I must warn you, can be a frustrating experience. If you’re the type who doesn’t want his hands to get dirty, then you better learn to change this soon. You will get your hands dirty, and you will have to clean up your dog’s wastes, at least in the first few weeks of potty training.

There are many ways by which you could potty train your dog. Let us take a look at some of them.

Learning Before Knowing

Before your dog can learn, you must first teach him the right way of doing things. The common mistake that dog owners make is that they expect the dog to learn by himself. This is a little too much to ask from our canine buddies. They need to be taught. They need us to give them proper guidance.

So, the first step in potty training your dog is to muster the commitment to actually teach him. This would require some time and patience from you. Those little creatures can actually be adamant and stubborn most of the time.