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Learn about Chihuahua dog – the smallest short haired dogs in the world


Do you want to own a Chihuahua – it is the dogs are classified in categories smallest short haired dogs in the world. With his/her small stature, Chihuahuas are loved and pampered as their own children by many people. They can follow you, disturb you every time it is kittenish, but it is also really obedient and fairly docile when you’re busy.

Origin of Chihuahua today

Currently in the world there is not a formal document that says exactly Chihuahua dogs have originated from? Many researchers believe that Chihuahuas originated from Mexico. Inherently they have names like that is because they are named after a village near the border with the United States which are given that’s where they were born.

There are different information that Chinese people get Chihuahua is a dog of them. Really very sorry for Chihuahua when they said that. And of course most of them said that the Chihuahua is sourced from Mexico.

Features of Chihuahua dog

Known as one of the world’s smallest breed, they have little body, look very funny cute and lovely. With a body like that, male dogs  weighing about 1.5 kg, females is about 1 kg only.

Small head, big ears, thick, and vertically,snub- nosed as Pinscher, chest, abdomen slender, 4 small leg. 2 of Chihuahua eyes rolled, distance of two relatively wide eyes.

They have short and soft hair, or long and silky. Some Chihuahua have red hair, blond, blue, or colored chocolate, whole-coloured, spotted or mottled.

The unique features of the Chihuahua baby dog was on top with a very soft spot, similar to the characteristics of a newborn baby. They are small enough to enable to put in women’s bag to bring walking street or put in the coat pocket.

On appearance, many people mistakenly believe chihuahua with Miniature Pinscher, or Beijing. These are completely different dog and unrelated to each other. If you look closely a little, then you can easily recognize their differences.