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Schutzhund Trained Dogs – Schutzhund Dog Training Advice & Tips

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Schutzhund dog training has been practiced for over a century to obtain Schutzhund trained dogs. It is a deeply structured training process that initiated as being somewhat abusive toward the Schutzhund trained dogs, but as it has evolved, it has become less so. While the abuse has subsided, the strictness of the practice has not, due to the need to carefully evaluate the Schutzhund trained dogs.

At its onset, the training was prescribed through the use of pamphlets and in-person classes. In modern times, dog owners can use DVDs to begin their dog’s training.

Originating in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century, Schutzhund dog training was designed as a means of testing numerous dogs, specifically the German Shepherd, to see if they would be viable as police dogs. As the appearance in and of itself was not enough, this much more thorough method of training made it much easier to decide the animals most adept at this job.

Although it is rare that Schutzhund trained dogs today pass the difficult training, many owners of various breeds are allowed to take part.

Schutzhund Dog Training Essentials for Potential Schutzhund Trained Dogs

The canine candidate will be tested for various behaviors associated with police work, such as sniffing, protecting, retrieving, and tracking. The dog training is started when the dog is less than a month old, and it takes as long as several months to assure the owners that the Schutzhund trained dogs have an aptitude for this line of work.

Techniques used on Schutzhund Trained Dogs

Although there are many alternate concentrations of Schutzhund dog training, there are some basic training factors that the courses focus on:


This is the first test that Schutzhund dog training explores. For Schutzhund trained dogs to pass this test, they must understand the 10 or 11 points of training that cover such things as retrieving, heeling, jumping, pointing out of an object, targeting, and heel positioning, and such orders as “go out”, “sit, down and stand”, and “focus and attention”.


This kind of dog training is geared toward Schutzhund trained dogs who will be used to seek out bombs, drugs, dead bodies, to name a few. They are ultimately trained to recognize these scents and go after them without stopping until they are pulled off.

Dogs trained in this discipline will be trained exclusively to be trackers. This method teaches obedience cues of “pointing out of an object” and “targeting” to teach the dog to discern between the alternate scents.

Clicker Training

This famous method has proven itself over and over to be amazingly effective with German Shepherds and other breeds that are suited to this training. Clicker training is initiated when the dog is very young, typically about 10 weeks old. Although this procedure has been implemented universally, not all trainers use it.


Schutzhund trained dogs may be taught to protect people or objects, with or without commands. Guard dogs, attack dogs, and police dogs all are trained to protect. If they are trained with commands, they are specific so that the dog can discern and then attack threat.

Schutzhund dog training can also be used to train an owner’s dog for obedience aims, although the owner will want to make certain to look into numerous training courses to ensure the success of their dog’s training and to understand the various philosophies the training explores.

Although Schutzhund dog training can be harsh and quite difficult, the skills that the Schutzhund trained dogs to learn are very high and permit the dog to complete a task or respond to a command amazingly quickly and with the utmost efficiency, while dogs in more regular training programs may only accomplish the training at a rate of 20%.