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Stop Dog Barking – Secrets to Stop Dog Barking Behaviors Revealed

Stop Dog Barking

Maybe you think that there is no real way to stop dog barking that is upsetting your own life, as well as the lives of your neighbors. In this situation, you might even believe that there is nothing left for you to do other than rehome your dog for the sake of a more normal and peaceful environment.

Before you prepare to take any drastic measures, you can discover the secrets that professionals use to quiet this nuisance behavior of canines.

Why Those Dogs Bark

It might seem that your pooch has lost his grasp on sanity once that ceaseless barking begins, but fear not; there is a reason your dog is barking and howling like that proverbial ‘banshee’.

The simple truth of the matter is that a dog learns to institute particular behaviors that it finds to be rewarding. In this instance, your dog has discovered that barking is getting him something that he craves.

You May Be Inspiring those Barks

When a dog barks for no known reason and persists in this behavior, it is generally because there are more rewards for the behavior than punishment.You might think that you are punishing your dog when you are trying to stop dog barking behaviors, but your pet pooch sees this attention as positive reinforcement of the very behavior you are trying to eliminate.

Stop Dog Barking the Sensible Way

To the dog, this behavior makes a lot of sense. The barking gets him attention from his human family as well as the neighbors.

Many owners also try to use bribes as a method to stop dog barking and of course, your four-footed buddy sees this as more ‘positive reinforcement.’ You have to step up and stop dog barking by refusing to take any further part in this noisy cycle of ‘bad dog’ behavior.

What You Need to Do to Stop Dog Barking in its Tracks

You have to change the situation for your dog and make it more rewarding for your pet to be quiet if you are serious about wanting to stop dog barking once and for all. Once your pup has discovered that being less vocal is the behavior that brings rewards then that unwanted barking will cease.

What Rewards Are Needed to Rein in that Obnoxious Barking?

To dogs, a reward is not necessarily what a person may view as a “reward”. You have to think like a dog to understand how to handle any canine behaviors the correct way.

A dog has certain needs and desires, but these are not the same as those of humans. Dogs crave companionship; they need a pack leader; they also need food, exercise, and Attention.

Those treats, food morsels, squeaky bones and other toys are nice, but they may not be the type of reward that your dog is seeking.From a dog’s point of view, getting attention from humans, and knowing that they are a part of a pack (family) are two very important Rewards.

Stop Dog Barking with Positives and Negatives

Now that we have covered the rewards that a dog may need to stop unwanted barking we have to look at how to use negative reinforcement as well.Negative reinforcement is when you try to stop dog barking by responding to this behavior in a manner best described as ‘negative’.

These tactics should be humane, yet they are definitely unpleasant to the animal. Both positive and negative reinforcement techniques can be used to stop a dog from barking.

Simplest Forms of Negative Correction for Dog Barking

When your puppy or adult dog is barking, you can always yell at them to “Stop”. You can even try rattling a can of marbles or blowing a loud whistle when the barking begins. Some people may want to deliver a corrective ‘tap’ on the dog’s backside with a rolled up newspaper when barking behaviors are first heard.

Spritz and Spray Bottles

These are just plastic bottles that are designed to deliver a fine mist of water in a designated direction. Water alone may not be enough to deter the dog from barking, but you have a great chance to stop dog barking behaviors if you use one of the sprays that are specially made to be used with these dog training bottles.

Why Stop Dog Barking Sprays Work

These spray formulas create a harsh, unpleasant odor that can be detected by the dog. The sprays will not injure the animal, but they will break the cycle of barking.

Many pet owners find that the dogs soon learn to associate the barking behavior with the negative chemical spray and they will then rein in that ‘out of control’ barking that has been driving you and your neighbors over the edge of reason.

Electronic Shock Collars

These are dog training products that are very effective when used to stop dog barking behaviors. When used correctly these collars can produce positive results in as little as 24-48 hours.These dog collars will produce a light shock, similar to a static charge, whenever the barking begins.

The shock is not designed to injure any animal, but it will get the dog’s attention and distract him from that ceaseless barking.

After discovering that the barking initiates the unpleasant shock of electricity, it will not take your pet long to figure out that not barking is much better than getting a jolt of static electricity.

Tips to Remember

Dogs often bark because they are bored, need exercise or feel the need for attention. You may be able to stop dog barking by simply making sure that all of your pet’s needs are fully met each day.

Don’t Reward Barking Behavior

Do not reward your dog with positive attention when the animal is barking. This means that you should not call him or yell at him from a distance. This kind of response can be viewed as ‘rewarding’ by the dog. After all, it is getting some type of attention and recognition.

Go To Where the Trouble Is When Your Dog is Barking

You need to go to where your dog is when he is barking, and then you can correct the behavior by reprimanding, punishment or other approved stop dog barking methods. Your dog needs to realize that you are there to correct a behavior not to visit and scratch him behind his ears simply.

Positive Rewards at the Right Time

Positive rewards should be presented when your dog is quiet and not barking. Do not reward your dog when the animal is being noisy because this will defeat your training efforts.

Consistency is Everything

Consistency is the key when you want to stop dog barking and instill good manners in your canine buddies. You may need to try a few different methods to discover the one that will work best for your pet, but if you are patient and consistent, you can stop those noisy barks and howls that are threatening to break the bond of affection between you and your dog.