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Stop Dog Biting – How To Stop Your Dog From Biting

Stop Dog Biting

If you had to get help to stop dog biting, even just once during the lifetime of your dog, then you know how miserable this can be as a dog owner. In the beginning, it’s annoying and offensive.

Unfortunately, without proper discipline, as the dog gets older this becomes a more serious problem to both family and neighbors. You need to get the biting under control, no matter how old the dog is.

Early Training for Puppies Helps Stop Dog Biting

It’s natural for dogs to want to learn to bite. The most effective time to diagnose and stop dog biting is when they are still a puppy. Because this age is when they learn most of their behavior, puppies six months and younger are easiest to train.

Most people assume a puppy is teething or being playful when they bite. The fact is, by nature, the puppy wants to obtain its place in the pack. By biting, it’s a sign of having control.

This is the exact moment you want the puppy to know who the boss really is while the puppy is still in it’s learning stages.

There are a lot of methods you can use to train your puppy and make stop dog biting. Most are methods used when it’s still in the pack, with its siblings and mother, like an easy nip to the neck, or a slight whimper sound if the puppy bites you. Giving the puppy an acceptable chew toy to help train it to stop biting people is another method everyone in your family can do.

If you are still having a hard time training your dog, taking the dog to obedience school or hiring a private trainer are good solutions.

Training a One-Year-Old Dog to Stop Dog Biting

If a puppy wasn’t trained to stop biting and taught who is in charge, it will develop into play biting when the dog is around one year old, or its teen years.

Its behavior can be a result of many different things. If you play dominance style games, such as tug-o-war, or wrestling, you should stop immediately.

Your dog needs to know it has boundaries in your house. You can crate train them if necessary. However, you can also cut back the territory they have to move around in. For a teenage dog, a strict obedience training can go a long way.

Training an Older Dog to Stop Dog Biting

If a dog is allowed to bite, it will become a more serious problem when the dog reaches its adult stages. There is a chance the dog could “turn on” it’s owner, but the fact is, the dog believes it is the boss.

It’s highly recommended to hire a professional if your dog is around a year old and nips or bites at people. This is a serious issue because the dog could show dominance by attacking someone at any given moment.

It is important to begin teaching your dog to stop biting as young as possible. Other than a mental disorder or disease, most dogs that bite as adults could have been corrected at an earlier age.