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The Growing Problem of Obesity in Dogs


Did you realize that obesity is among the most important health risks among puppies?

Obesity results from excessive unhealthy and eating binges just because it is in people. Frequently, this scenario is caused by some environmental factors that might result in more difficulties if not controlled.

Like people, dogs create particular diseases when they’re overweight. These ailments, if not corrected, may result in more severe complications such as death.

1. Arthritis

Obesity in dogs will place the additional burden on their bones. Subsequently, the joints and other areas of the pet’s bones create arthritis.

Extra weight in dogs can also initiate the growth of other joint and muscle problems such as spinal disk disease, hip dysplasia, and fractures around the joint ligaments.

2. Diabetes

Most of us know for true that obese cause diabetes in individuals. This may also occur in puppies. The main reason is that the more fat stored from the dog’s entire body, the larger its system will create insulin to be able to cope up with its increasing mass. Hence, dogs possess the propensity to withstand an excessive amount of insulin in the human body.

3. Skin Issues

Obesity in dogs may cause some skin issues. This is because excessive fat deposits have been saved in their skin; therefore, their owners are having difficulty grooming them. When puppies lack appropriate grooming, there’s a propensity to collect germs, soil, or other components that may lead to damage to your pet’s skin.

4. Ability to tolerate heat

With too much fat deposits collected in their skin, dogs are more prone to issues regarding heat tolerance. This is because puppies find it difficult to withstand heat on account of this build-up of fats in their skin.