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Tips If You Are Looking For Your Dog Name


After looking for a dog that you like, the dog’s name is the next step you should think about. You are looking for a name for your dog. Have you ever wondered what should I name my dog.?

A good name for boy dogs or a good name for girl dogs, significance and fit or not will depend on the characteristics and personality of the dog and of course that’s your hobby too.

With a few notes and suggestions will help you know how to choose and think of a suitable name for naming his/her:

Do not take the name of the dog is identical to the voice command such as sit, catch, run, lie. Because, it becomes difficult in the process of teaching, training them.

The name should be short, easy to remember, easy to pronounce, easy listening: Bob, Johnny, Buddy, Luci or Mun, Tun, Bim Bim.

If you want to set a new name for the dog instead of the old name of its owner, the new name should be heard sounds similar to the old name like the Luci into Lucky, Lulu into Lily.

Try calling the dog by some names and see theirs reacts to these names, so you know your dog likes to be called by which name You can name your dog based on the character or appearance of their such as Shaggy, trash talking, fat… or the name of a character in stories, novels you love (Liar …), the names of gods (Hercules, Venus), named the stars, name gemstones (Ruby), natural phenomena (thunder, lightning, tornadoes, waterspouts)…

A delicate matter and sensitive you should not make is naming your dog by the name of a person in your relative or friend. Ideally, you should consult them before you can borrow their name from his/her. Name the dog not too tricky, is it? But anyway a good name also need to ensure easy to remember, easy to call and when you call it, you are excited and happy. Here are a few other familiar names that you can refer to:

Example names for dogs: Boby, Harley, Sam, Buddy, Tom, Mickey, Sophie, Katie, Coco, Maggie, Lady, Boo, Bum, Candy, Teddy, Tuna, Troll, Sumo, Rocket, Casey, Rocky …

Name some famous dogs: Pluto, Brian Griffin, Scooby Doo…