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Top Five Dog Breeds Perfect for Urban Living

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Top Five Dog Breeds Perfect for Urban Living

Everyone loves dogs. Cute puppy creatures are extremely delightful companions which could bring as much pleasure to every single day.

Dogs, in reality, are the most popular pets on earth.

Wherever there are dogs on display, you’re sure to find a bunch of people gathering around them. Is it because of their adorable eyes that always seem to beg some attention? Or is it because of their intelligent behavior which makes them faithful and useful company? Or perhaps, it’s because of their pleasant demeanor that could bring out a smile to most people.

Sadly, not all households rather than all of the lifestyles are conducive to adopting just any type of dog.

This is especially true for people who reside in the towns, in which life is quicker paced, and space is usually restricted.

This shouldn’t be taken to mean that city dweller are totally deprived of the chance to own a puppy, however.

There are just some breeds which are more ideal for urban living. It’s time to have a look at them.

1. Shih Tzu. Long a favorite breed of most toy dog fans, Shih Tzus are incredibly resilient canines, considering the diminutive size. Their long hair that can get to the floor because of their short legs needs constant brushing. However, aside from that, Shih Tzus are perfect for town life.

They aren’t gregarious dogs. Their aristocratic history gives them a royal posture. Often, this is mistaken for instance, especially with their flat noses that make them look like cute snobs.

They’re quite well-behaved, and mobile also, again, as a result of their size. You won’t have to worry about ruined household effects, at least, not as much as if you care to get a sports breed.

2. Lhasa Apso. They possess the identical regal temperaments of the cousins, are not hyperactive, and they need little housetraining. Lhasa Apsos, nevertheless, need the same grooming requisites as Shih Tzus.

3. Chihuahua. They are among the tiniest dogs known to man, yet in their minds, they’re the biggest culprits in the city.

Chihuahuas may be gregarious little creatures, but they’re extremely receptive to their own masters’ commands.

4. Pugs. Pugs continue to be regarded as members of the toy breed. They are closely related to American and British Bulldogs, albeit, smaller in dimension. On the contrary, they’re quite idle and prefer to spend the whole afternoon in deep slumber.

This makes them great household companions who don’t require rigorous care.

5. Labradors. This strain is being included in this listing for people who would desire a sports dog. They learn fast and are extremely mild mannered. They are much less gregarious as other dogs of the sports strain.

Labradors need regular exercise, nevertheless, so a daily walk would be necessary to maintain this pet companion in good health.

City dwellers don’t have to sacrifice the joys of having a dog. It’s only a matter of deciding on the best breed to suit their lifestyle and living conditions.

A dog can bring so much pleasure into anyone’s lifetime, and with the perfect breed, town dwellers can experience urban living using these affectionate and faithful pets.