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Training for Hunting Dog


As the old song said there’s a time for every purpose and the same is true for training your dog. Just as different jobs require different skills and different tools, dogs used in specialized areas need specialized training.

For this discussion, we’ll look at the hunting dog and what technical training is obligatory for them to be useful members of the group.

Since prehistoric time, man has kept dogs, and pets are no exception. What’s interesting is that this creature has preserved so much of its history through the years and, nonetheless, has also diversified into other areas of our lives.

There is no doubt that the first dogs were kept for hunting purposes rather than companionship but over the decades that connection has evolved to include not only searching but also protection from enemies, companionship, direct services and tracking.

Also intriguing is the fact that although our hunting methods and tools have evolved our uses for your hunting dog have retained much of their historical ambiance.

Dogs continue to be employed for flushing game from hiding stains and monitoring wounded prey, much because they were used thousands of years back. One major change has been made though… we seldom expect our pets actually to kill the quarry anymore.

The puppy now occupies more of a retrieval status, and it’s quite feasible to hunt an entire lifetime rather than avail one of the services of a hunting dog.

But what fun would that be? In a world which has changed so fast and moved so quickly, it is important to retain part of our background, and thus we keep the dog as our ever-faithful hunting companion. Even in searching, however, dogs still need specific training.

The first step in training a hunting dog is made before the animal is ever acquired. You must decide what kind of dog, your sport requires. Many strains have been refined for certain hunting activities, and this has to be taken into consideration.

Decide upon a searching style and then pick the animal best suited to this. Are you a bunny or squirrel-hunting enthusiast? Then maybe the beagle or basset hound is to your liking. Perhaps you should consider one of those breeds of pointers. Do you enjoy the peaceful composed of long hours spent in a duck blind on a cool morning? A retriever is probably the perfect choice for you. Take some time and do this study.

There’s a puppy bred for nearly every type of hunting and also a few breeds which cross boundaries into different platforms.