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White Golden Retriever – Myth Or Reality?

white golden retriever

Why, of course, Virginia, there is indeed a Santa Claus and there are also white golden retriever puppies with coats the color of shimmering moonbeams. These dogs are now being recognized for their exquisite and unusual coloring as well as their overall good looks and sweet disposition.

Although the white coloring is more of ivory or cream color, it still makes these dogs truly stand out from a crowd of other golden retrievers. These dogs are more well known in Europe, England and Australia than they are in the United States but their popularity is beginning to grow as more people discover the unique beauty that is a white golden retriever.

Golden retrievers have long been one of the most popular of all dog breeds. Their lush coats in shimmering shades of red and gold have made them instantly recognizable even to casual observers. Their gentle nature, calm demeanor, and intelligence make them a top choice as a family pet. This breed of dog also features a variation of the golden color which is quite remarkable. The white golden retriever is becoming one of the most sought-after and most misunderstood of all the breeds.

The British Golden Retriever has some differences from the typical American Golden Retriever. Some of these features are only slight differences in the build of the dog and may only be noticeable to those people who are very attuned to the documented standards concerning this breed of dog.

For instance, the British Golden Retriever has a wider, shorter muzzle than the Golden Retrievers that are bred and shown in the US. The forehead of these dogs has a blocky appearance as well. These dogs also have a deeper chest, and the tail and legs are also shorter than their American counterparts. The eyes of these particular dogs are also round and very dark in color. These dark eyes are one of the startling features that you will notice when you first see a white golden retriever. The light color of their coat also intensifies the darkness of their eyes.

The typical Golden Retriever that most people are familiar with has a coat that is some shade of shiny gold. They have a longer muzzle and a more triangular shaped, delicate head. Their eyes have a slanted shape, and the color of their eyes can range from amber to medium brown. These dogs also have a longer, flagged tail, a slight angulation of the hindquarters, and stand 1-3 inches taller than the British golden retrievers.

The coat of a British bred white golden retriever can be cream colored with gold. The only two colors that are not allowed are dark red and mahogany brown. The cream color for the coats of British golden retrievers has only been an approved standard since 1936.

It is interesting to note that the reason the lighter shades were approved is that golden retrievers in the 1800s had very light colored coats. The darker golden shades were introduced later, and UK judges decided that rejecting those dogs with pale colored coats was unfair. Even so, no white golden retriever will be allowed on the show ring. Many golden retriever enthusiasts are working to have this ruling changed, but it is highly doubtful that a white golden retriever would ever be allowed to compete for head to head with a golden colored dog. What may eventually happen is that the white golden retriever breed will be allowed in the show ring, but it will only be placed in competition against others with a similar coat color.

Top breeders have discovered that the more unusual coloring of a white golden retriever has captured the attention of the public. No other retrieving breed has a white or light cream colored coat such as the ones seen in these dogs, and this makes them truly unique specimens in the dog world. Perhaps the “yellow lab “is the closest in appearance, and if you compare the yellow coloring of a Labrador retriever to the shimmering pale color of a white golden retriever it is like comparing “night and day.”

Bear in mind that none of the coats on any white golden retriever will truly be snowy white. The fur is cream colored, but in many instances, it will be the lightest shade of cream that you can imagine. At first glance, the coloring does indeed seem to be a shimmering white.

Breeders are quick to pick up on what attributes people are looking for in a dog. Even now there are efforts to refine and improve the coloring of the white golden retriever to make it as close to pure white as possible.

Temperament and health are also important for any dog, and luckily the efforts of the breeders are being directed at the entire animal. In addition to ensuring the light coat color breeders are working to maintain the intelligence, docility and sweet nature of the golden retriever with each successive litter of puppies.

The golden retriever has always been considered one of the best dogs for children and families. Now the white golden retriever is creating more enthusiasm and interest in this gentle, beautiful dog breed.